Good Mirrors Truth Platform

Truth Platform Website Development


We partnered with the Good Mirrors Team to design an innovative solution that enables website visitors to record and share affirmations. After initially doubting Webflow's capabilities, we created a comprehensive resolution showcasing its power!

The Goals

This feature had to provide an enjoyable experience for the visitor submitting the affirmation and the client managing the affirmations.

  1. Create a smooth and effortless process for users to upload their affirmations
  2. Leverage Webflow’s CMS capabilities for streamlined management

Building the API

Before building the front-end, we wanted to ensure that we could store and retrieve the user-submitted data. We knew that we had to leverage Webflow’s API for interacting with the CMS. After researching our options, we decided that building our own custom API on AWS was the route for us. And wow – it has worked out great! As compared to using Zapier, our API is more cost-effective and robust – allowing us to give the client more for less.

Building the Front-end

With our new API in hand, we were ready to take on the challenge of creating an interactive recording feature. We worked hard and smart to write as little custom code as possible – all for a light yet powerful result! Our work paid off: The slick user experience combines visual feedback with audio playback powered by our True Audio Player plugin from 2022 – saving us countless hours along the way.

Final Thoughts

This has been such an amazing project to work on. In the end, we delivered a solution that checked all the boxes. Both the visitor and the client are able to easily interact with the platform.

I want to give a special shoutout to Elisa at  She created the branding and design for this project and has been such a pleasure to work with.

Feel free to visit the website as it is always changing. And if you feel inspired, maybe leave your own affirmation!

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