Hales Franciscan and Unity Catholic Renuion Event Registration Website


Working with the Unity Hales alumni on the website for their 2023 reunion was a great opportunity and we were excited to take it.

The Problem

Last year, the Unity Hales Coordinators used Eventbrite to run their well-attended event but wanted a more tailored solution for future events. In order to help overcome their problems, the team looked to us for assistance. Here’s a list of problems we extracted from our discovery meeting with them.

  1. They needed a way to access the incoming admission payments fast. As opposed to Eventbrite’s delayed payout system.
  2. Their team had no efficient way of contacting previous attendees to update them about upcoming events.
  3. Unity Hales had no central place where visitors could go to clearly see all the information about the upcoming event

Creating the Environment

Researching and testing the available plugins for a website can be an overwhelming task. With our client’s website, we had the added challenge of connecting two platforms – Stripe for payments and Mailchimp for email sign-ups. Knowing it was essential to find a solution that would give us maximum flexibility and capabilities, we dedicated some extra time to identify the tools that would best fit the client’s needs. By the end of our research process, we had a solution that was comprehensive enough to handle all our demands yet flexible enough to meet changing demands in the future.

Organizing the Information

After we had our toolbox ready to go, we started organizing the content for the design process. We started by getting as much information from Unity Hales about the event, and then we began wireframing the website.

From Wireframe to High Fidelity

Watching the transformation from wireframe to high-fidelity mockup on this project was an astonishing experience. The level of detail and functionality that was incorporated into the design exceeded expectations, with all elements working in perfect harmony to create a streamlined product.

Visual Identity


Plus Jakarta Sans





The client's review

I would strongly recommend Uplift designs they were professional and provided excellent services. The website looks amazing and is easy to navigate. My website was done in a timely manner and Carleton kept me updated on the process of my website and has provided me with support and instruction post the launch of my site. Thanks for everything, job well done.

James S.

The Final Result

The Unity Hales team was thrilled with the results of their website project. We achieved all of their requirements and then some. As a special bonus, our team incorporated a few extras to make life easier – such as a backend excel export feature to help them manage their events and attendees. We also designed a custom payment confirmation page which acts as a handy reminder to direct registered attendees toward hotel booking information and details. Every aspect of this project ended up exceeding expectations, leaving the Unity Hales team delighted.

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