Reserved Attributes

tmplayer-buttonplay, pause, next, previous, stop, volume-up, volume-down, volume-mute, volume-half, volume-fullDefines an element’s functionality
tmplayer-elementtitle, thumbnail, album, artist, genre, duration, elapsedDefines elements that will be populated with audio data
tmplayer-elementprogress-bar-wrapper, progress-bar, volume-bar-wrapper, volume-barAdds click/drag functionality to scrubber or volume bar
tmplayer-init(optional) [You can enter any string to name the audio player]Used to initialize the player. A value can be provided to link other non-child elements to the player.
tmplayer-clickUsed inside of tmplayer-parent element to activate song toggle on click functionality on an elment
tmplayer-dynamic-content[Name of parent audio player]Used on a wrapper element that gets populated with tmplayer-parent elements after initial page load. This attribute will observe the wrapper and automatically link any external audio elements to their parent audio player.
tmplayer-parent[Name of parent audio player]Defines an external audio element. The value should match the value of the desired parent’s tmplayer-init attribute.
tmplayer-elementaudioThis attribute is used to wrap all the audio file’s information
tmplayer-metaaudio-url, title, artist, genre, album, thumbnailThis attribute must be a placed on a child element of tmplayer-element=”audio” to function
tmplayer-interactionmonitor-stateMust be used on a child element of tmplayer-parent . Will add the audio state helper classes to an element
tmplayer-actiontoggle, noneMust be used on tmplayer-parent itself or a child element of tmplayer-parent. Will add button functionality to the desired element or prevent button functionality if “none” is used.
tmplayer-autoplaytrue, falseMust be used on the tmplayer-init element. Set to false to disable the autoplay functionality that automatically plays the next song after the current song ends. Default: true

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